Can only watch one local tablo channel using a 4 channel tablo

I have a tablo 4 and it will one let me watch one local channel at a time. I have several tvs each had a roku 3 connected to it. As soon as I try a different channel on another tv the first one goes back to the local guide. If I go to the third tv and try a different channel then both the first and second go back to the local menu

@Rickwillmann - Guessing you may not have attached a hard drive yet? Tablo needs the storage space to stream more than one channel at a time.

i have a 2 terabyte western digital hard drive connected. It was fine for the first two months and then all of a sudden it just started doing the one channel thing.

I have not tried to record anything, how do you tell if the hard drive is hooked up properly, other than just trying to record something. I do not have the guide subscription to record ahead of time.

It’s on the settings page of most of the clients.The second item gives the hard drive status.