Can no longer tune to LiveTV using guide via TabloTV Roku app

Scenario: Installed 4th gen Tablo for friend via iPad. Installed TabloTVapp on Roku. All good. Installed TabloTVapp on Rokus on 2 more TVs. All good. 48 hours later, Roku/TV 2 and 3 still working fine. A few bugs but that’s for later. Roku/TV1 will no longer tune to a program using the guide. Screen goes dark, seconds pass, then the guide reappears. No error message. However, if the user navigates to SHOWS->Live TV and navigate by graphic the selected program will play. In short, on one and only Roku, navigating via the guide is broken. All 3 Rokus have the same version of the TabloTV app. Suggestions appreciated.

There was a roku 8.3 release that fixed a number of issues. It was withdrawn to fix introduced bugs. It has been re-released but Roku doesn’t release updates during the christmas holiday season. So you may have to wait until after the new year to see if the new Roku version solves this.

Well if we’re waiting on an update, I’ll start listing perceived bugs.
Under the settings gear, where you can scan for new channels or customize the channel list the channels should be listed in alphanumeric order instead of the current random mix.
This channel list should be in the same order using the same text as the channel list under Shows which isn’t the case.
During setup, information indicates the Tablo is downloading 2 weeks of Guide data. Usage, i.e. navigating to a ‘future date’ only 1 week is shown as available.

Which Rokus do you have? Are they all the same model/year?
There are definitely performance issues if you have older or budget models.

A mix of Rokus bought over a period of time. None are Ultras, but 2 are 4k HDR.

Is your scanned list not in channel number order? 3.1, 3.2, 5.1, 22.1, 22.2, for example? All of my devices show a scan in numerical channel order. Sounds like very odd behavior and maybe worth a support ticket.

What it looks like to me is the shows are in alphabetical order by time. So, A-Z soonest, A-Z next, A-Z after that… I’m assuming Tablo thought it might be easier to find your show alphabetically, but it still feels weird to see multiple sets of A-Z.

I think during setup it only downloads a full day. Anything longer than that does take some time (I’m not sure if the app has to be open for this to work since Tablo support’s response once told me to leave the app open for half an hour). While I can only get about 5 days in advance using the Filter Guide Channels option, but I’ve gone as far as 12 days into the future by using the arrow key (or FF button as next page on Firestick). I’ve noticed the Roku loads this much more slowly and maybe it’s a memory issue? (Even on a 4k Express+)

When you search for a show or click on a single episode of a show, you should be able to see all upcoming episodes for up to 2 weeks. This might be a temporary solution, but of course only works if you know the show you want to record.

I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with your new Tablo. Hopefully the updates in the coming first few weeks of the new year will fix your issues as well as other bugs that we’ve noticed. Keep us updated on how things are going!

If I get around to it, I’ll set up an old Express+ and see if any of these problems are there vs the 4k. Good luck and keep trying!

While scanning mine is in order detected on Roku instead of numerical order. On live it is in numerical order.

On Roku this was all fixed in release 8.3. before 8.3 the channel list was sorted 3 different ways. the settings channel scan, the shows filtered by channel, and (the only sane list) the live grid. With 8.3 the appear to all be in the Live grid order.

Ah, yes. Sorry. I see that now – yuck. I don’t use the Roku much and swear it was “normal” there. Thank you for making me check.

That is quite confusing.

Thank you for that. I didn’t get a chance to try out the 8.3 as it reverted between my update and use!

Numerical channel order is definitely the way to go, although I think FAST would be a little easier to navigate through if they were alphabetically since we only see their channel numbers on recordings. (I mean while in the live guide. In the channel list they’re alphabetical.)

Your wish may come true. I think all channel lists will match the Live grid list

Are you implying there’s going to be some sort of ORDER to the whole Tablo system all of a sudden? :astonished:

For real, though, any improvement in synchronicity would be great. Was this something you noticed in that temporary update? Secret insider knowledge? Or just something shared in a boring newsletter I didn’t read?

Yes. I bitched about this on the forum many months ago. Not only the insanity of having 3 lists in different order but that the OTA channels need to be in virtual channel order. If a OTA channel(RF) announced it will reduce power for a few days I don’t need to jump through hoops to figure out what channels and sub-channels are affected.

Of course with a new, new 8.3 anything is possible. And since there have been a number of android updates I haven’t reviewed what if anything has happened to their lists.

And I’ve done the opposite. Main viewing on the Android/Firestick and very little on the Roku. I hate to say it, but if my first experience was with the Roku app, my Tablo would have likely gone back within days. Seeing the additional features in the Android versions show what the device is capable of and has spoiled me (well, with the exception of how every software & firmware update break something useful!)

Observations about pausing live tv. when ‘pausing’ the buffer size seems limited to the current show. At completion of the show, the viewer is returned to the guide, rather than buffering the next program as expected.

When you’re selecting what to watch live, are you choosing the selecting the show and then Watch Live, or clicking on the channel name/number to get a live feed?