Can I take one of my Tablo's someplace else and still connect to both?

I am assuming I can, just want to make sure before I do

Yep… Just remember to pair your device with the Tablo in its new ‘home’. 

@TabloTV, one more question, I will be on a different Wifi network so what do I need to do to set that up? I would hate to have to go through the entire setup process

@TabloTV or @TabloSupport

Do I have to go through setup like I did originally to do this?? I am leaving today, not like it is 100’s of miles away (only 23) and same TV stations. So what is the process to connect to a different WiFi network?

@Jestep When you arrive, set up the Tablo as usual: power, antenna, hard drive and Ethernet (or Wi-Fi). Join the local network with the device you intend to pair with your Tablo (iPad, PC, etc). 

Open up the Tablo app and select ‘Edit’ on the top right of the ‘Connect to Tablo’ screen. 

Select ‘Edit Wi-Fi’ if you’re switching the Tablo to a new Wi-Fi network.

If it’s using Ethernet, just connect to it normally and make sure you’ve got Tablo Connected enabled.


You wont be able to connect with a roku (since it doesnt support tablo connect) but rest should be fine

So I got to my Mom’s tried to edit wifi and it would never join. I had to wire it to the router, but because of that I lose channel 7 :frowning:

Any advice would be appreciated. Yes I used the right password to join. In fact I had to use the same password for my ipad which joined fine

Any idea, any at all???

Ok, I figured it out. My mom has a verizon router and it was set to old WEP protocol… Apparently Tablo does not support that. So I was able to change it to WPA2 and connected :slight_smile:

But then I saw that my mom had an antenna on the house with a wire right next to the router, so I had to go that route and wired…

Glad you got it sorted out! 

Are you leaving the other Tablo at your mom’s place? Is she going to be using it? Just curious how she likes it if so. 

@TabloTV, no my mom is really old school and has had DirecTV for too long and she gets the east coast feeds, so she will never give that up.