Can I Really Count on my Tablo to Record what I want?

Certainly a provoking title but it is plain.  I just commented on this in a different thread but my experience ever since I unpacked my box has not been good.  The experience in the apps is not good, the experience using Chrome is not good, and the guide information is missing in the live TV context.  So if I set a recording, can I really expect it to record when there is no guide information ?  I work every day as the architect for the HP StoreEasy product line so I know all about testing requirements, support, development pitfalls, schedules, the whole ball of wax as they say and one thing I focus on a lot is the user experience.    As directly or indirectly noted or implied on other threads, the native device apps are still a work in progress - accepted (although I don’t really like being a guinea pig).  I therefore use Chrome on my two android tablets and PC.  By far the PC experience is the best but it does not match the other two tablets and they don’t match each other.  And I don’t think I should have to run to the office, boot up the PC and change settings because I can’t do it form Chrome on my tabled.  My primary concern at the moment is the lack of consistency in the guide.  As I see it the guide dictates the recording and therefore if I don’t see anything in the guide, I must assume that I will miss recordings.  After all that is why I bought this thing.  If there is some other reliable database that is used to drive the recordings then great - why can’t I reliably see a representation of that in my web browser of apps ? 

Please let me know where I can help out with this product.  I think there are a few spots to polish up still and I really want to know if my concerns are unfounded.

I know that some areas have added new channels.   Ideally, if your channel has been around for awhile if you entered correct hinting, it should identify the statiion and ideally you should have guide data for that station.  I’d talk to Tablo support and get a ticket opened.  This sounds very solvable to me.  For new channels to an area, I know they work on those issues as well.

In most all cases though you should have guide data (unless you’re not paying for the guide data).

My wife has been using her Android phone - Moto X 4.4.2 with the web app since we got the thing installed and set up and she’s been recording successfully to her heart’s content - she’s not missed a single recording. 

I do the same with my phone or my notebook and Chrome. 
Recording for us has been a dream, actually easier than that! She’s had zero trouble figuring out how to record 1 show, or a whole series of shows forever. She said that she even caught the same show that was on a different time and day over the weekend than it is during the week, Tablo was that smart. It didn’t record M-F 10am for example, when she said to record all, it did the M-F 10am AND Saturday at 11am as well as it was on different then. Wow.
It’s playback that IMO could be easier or more consistent but I took the plunge and sprang for lifetime program guide as I am confident the hiccups or interfaces for viewing will “get there”. 
It’s still a young teen, it’s got a ways to grow yet, but it’s on the right path, even when I do get ticked with it now and then because like any child it misbehaves now and then.

I have been using the Tablo since it first came out in April 2014.  I had one lockup problem on my original Tablo, which was replaced.  I had a weird problem missing recordings back in June, and a reboot fixed that.  There was one issue back in September for one week where the guide provider didn’t have new episodes of a few shows of mine marked properly, so they weren’t recorded.

Besides for those issues, I have recorded hundreds of episodes of various shows successfully.  I have been very pleased that I can set it and forget it, and it works correctly.

Now I will admit that I have never seen missing guide data.  That should be something Tablo support can fix easily.

I could be wrong, but it sounds like you are using the Live TV Guide to find your recordings.  That only covers 24 hours of information.  Using the other menu items (Prime Time, TV Shows, Movies, Sports, and Scheduled) will give you access to 2 weeks worth of information. You should set your recordings based on that and use the Scheduled menu items to see which shows you have set to record.  If you are seeing missing guide data, as @snowcat said, you should contact Tablo support.

We use the guide screen, live TV, 90% of the time as we are “here and now” people most of the time. But it’s great to know that if I want to record something that’s a week or more away, its’ a simple change of the page to find it. Sometimes we’ll see things advertised or announced and we say “gee, we need to remember to record that”, but with Tablo, two choices - use manual method or use the other pages besides the live tv page. IT does default to prime time and I never really liked that so I changed ours to default to live TV, what’s on tonight, today, here, now, while we are sitting and ready to watch, not some far off future things. We also aren’t really prime-time people in the same meaning as most others who watch TV.
Click some of the other “pages” or tabs in Tablo - it’s a wealth of TV information. 
I do also used the scheduled page quite a bit to make sure we DID set something to record. That area is super nice.

Sorry for the delay - I appreciate everyone input on this topic and understand that there are many successes.  Let me show you what I am talking about with a small screen shot.

You cant really see it in the picture but there is no scroll bar thumb on the right (e.g. no scrolling) yet there are more channels as you an see here -

The Prime Time experience is pretty grand also - - notice on this screen shot that it thinks I am recording Family Guy.  There is no scheduled recording for family guy.

Now if I do the same on my Android tablet in Chrome I get a different (and better) experience - it did spend a while synching which the PC instance did not.  
The iPhone experience is further different. 

With these discrepancies and different behavior depending on if I reboot the box, if there is synching or not, etc.  I am still not satisfied that I can reliably get the recording I want or be able to use the product as intended.  I don’t think I should have to go and get my tablet when I want to watch TV because the UI fails on the PC.

You might want to try clearing out the cache and cookies from your Chrome browser.  What you are seeing on your PC is not normal, so hopefully that will fix it.

Yup that works until next time I connect. Then the results are roughly the same. Sometimes the live tv grid has more stuff sometimes less most of the time it is full of holes. The point here is two fold. How do I know what I can trust if the ui is flakey. What is the system using. And why is there so much disparity in the ux ? It’s not like this is a new problem. There are a multitude of examples of consistent cross platform UIs.

The interface is just a “window” into the Tablo controls. Tablo works regardless of how flaky or not any given interface is.

The interface reads what Tablo is doing or is set to do so as long as it can communicate and Tablo says “yeah, got that” it would record. 

Over simplistic, but the computer continues to compute and calculate even with a broken or missing screen and/or keyboard. 
It just keeps doing what it was already told to do until told otherwise.

@roberttco This could be an issue with the web app, or how it’s interacting with your browser. If you send us the console logs when this happens, it will help us narrow this down.

To grab the logs, tap F12 on your keyboard the next time you run into this. Select ‘console’ and then copy and paste the text into a ticket and send them to us. We’ll go over them and see what’s going on.