Can i get my nilesat channels on table?

hi there
i know this isnt officially supported, and i know it wont give me accurate programming info all the time (or any) but i am just looking for a way to get rid of the satalite receiver on top of each tv in my house !
i only need access to nilesat and hotbird channels (got the dish ofcourse), for my sports since its encrypted i am just going to use the beinSports app and stream the games on my android tv

so will it technically work ? what parts of the tabloo experience will i be missing out on ? my basic need is to all the channels be listed and the user to be chose what he wants and watch it (got more than 9 tv’s around the house so opting for the 4 tuner model)

with regards

I don’t think you will be able to make it work.

so the Coax cable feed wont be recognized by tablo ?

The Tablo only accepts OTA signals from an antenna.

Roamio works with OTA or Cable - I don’t know if it works for both at the same time (doubtful).

Roamio doesn’t work with both at the same time.

That’s kinda what I figured.