Can external drive be converted back to NTFS?

Before I realized you couldn’t swap out external hard drives on the Tablo, I formatted two separate hard drives to work with the Tablo. I now know can I can’t just swap them out…and I’d like to convert the drive I’m not using back to a usable drive for my laptop. Can it be converted back to NTFS because my computer won’t recognize the drive. Is there any way around that?

For sure any tool that low level formats the drive will allow it to be seen again. You just have blank the partition table/type.

I use Linux so all of this quite trivial, but surely it can be easily with Windows? (I’ll wait for others to reply of course)

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In Windows:

  1. Click START and type the following in the searchbox:
    Click ENTER
  2. After the disk management window opens, plug in your hard drive. You will see a new disk appear. Right-Click on the partition and select DELETE VOLUME. This will delete the old partition.
  3. Right-Click again on the unallocated partition and select NEW SIMPLE VOLUME.
  4. Follow the prompts and format the disk. After it’s formatted, it will show in MY COMPUTER.

Thank you!! Your directions made it painless and easy and it worked!! Very grateful!

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