Buying a Tablo as a gift

Just wondering, if I bought a new Tablo as a gift for my parents, would I be able to share my lifetime subscription? I see where Tablo allows you to link multiple Tablos with a single subscription.

I certainly would do it for a close relative. There are no geographical restrictions, and having a device at a parent’s house isn’t much different than a vacation home.

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pretty sure Tablo would rather they have their own subscription… Its a great product, support it…

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Yes, yes and yes.

I know in reading the subscription info that you can have up to 10 Tablos sharing the same subscription. That sounds like they don’t mind families sharing. What individual has 10 Tablos?


Perhaps the Duggar family? (same household)

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Yes, you can. If you are getting them a Tablo model that includes internal storage, or adding an external hard drive - there should be no issue, as each Tablo is it’s own entity tied to the same account.

The only potential issue I could see is the Dual Lite model if you or they are interested in the cloud storage option. I use the Cloud storage, but I do not have multiple devices (nor do I know all the ins and outs of how the cloud storage works if you have multiple Dual Lites). If cloud storage isn’t something you are going to use… then you can ignore this last paragraph altogether. LOL

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