Buying a hard drive in a budget

I connected an old Maxtor one touch 4 and I’m having hard drive recognition problem …
Every 5 or 6 hours hard drive disconnect from Tablo

I’m looking forward to buy a new one but I’m in a budget…

Either seagate back up plus slim or wd my passport…they’re both around $60
Anyone has one of those?
I also receive any recommendations … thanks

I have the WD Elements, 2TB WD Elements 10B8 1012 (2000 GB)

Reasonably priced, and it’s been a solid performer for me. Might cost a little more, but it was worth it for me. I originally bought it because it was a recommended drive at the time. Since then, max drive size usable by Tablo has increased, but I really have no pressing need for the extra capacity.

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Hard drives have moving bits and do eventually wear out. I have the Elements 1 TB, but I wished I had the 2 TB…

I saw today the 3TB version of the WD Elements was 110. Not too bad.

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