Buying 2nd Tablo but need advice

I am considering adding a 2nd Tablo to record another set of channels from a 2nd high gain antenna pointing to Southern Ontario / Toronto area. Given the choice of 2 versus 4 tuners, I am specifically wondering if the 2 tuner model dedicates a tuner to certain tasks and can therefore only record 1 channel, such as when creating thumbnails, using remote access, doing normal playback from 1 or more simultaneous viewers locally, etc.

I seem to recall some forum comments about a tuner being assigned for some of the above tasks, although it is not immediately obvious why a tuner should be required for anything but recording.

I would be less inclined to buy the 2 tuner model if the tuner(s) might be a source of contention during scheduled recordings. With my present 4 tuner Tablo for American channels I have never had any contention concerns.

Can somebody explain when / if tuners are unavailable for channel recording purposes?



Never a problem doing simultaneous recordings with my two tuner Tablo. In total, watch previous recordings whilst recording two new ones at the same time. In 8 months of ownership I’ve only felt
the need for greater recording capabilities once.

Recording takes precedent above all so you don’t need to worry about recording 2 shows simultaneously.

If you have 2 shows recording, thumbnails for other shows that are completed recording will not be generated until a tuner is free.

Remote viewing at any quality less than Full Quality will require a tuner to transcode the video to a lower quality. But this will not be an issue for you as you’ve stated the Tablo Connect feature does not work for you.

Local viewing does not use a tuner, you can record 2 shows and watch completed recordings on other devices. However, if you are recording 2 shows and want to watch a 3rd channel for say Live TV, this will not work.

Irony at its best…

Thanks very much @theuser86. As always, your reply was insightful and helpful My 2nd Tablo was just ordered from Newegg.

I am able to use remote access but lose the connection after days / weeks presumably due to IP re-assignment by my ISP. This becomes an issue for snowbirds who travel to a warmer climate but want to continue Tablo use. My alternative of an OTA antenna and a 3rd Tablo in Florida is far less appealing than simply having existing 2 Tablos in Buffalo providing reliable remote access.

Thanks again for your help.