Buyer's remorse

So I’m kinda regretting pulling the trigger too soon on my Tablo.  I feel like I should have held out for the 4 tuner model.  Are there any specifics as far as release dates for that tuner forthcoming?  I have about 3 weeks to return the 2 tuner box to newegg…

@jbanks25 - The first 4-Tuner boards are going into production this week. We’re going to do some robustness testing on them with an ETA of late May or early June. 

If you return your 2-Tuner you’ll probably to live a couple of weeks without a DVR. Or… you can keep the 2-Tuner and then have six available tuners. You could record everything then :) 

@TabloTV While 6 does sound fun…  The money involved makes no sense at all :slight_smile:  Since I’m just testing the product and don’t totally need it until July, I may live without for a few weeks and do no harm…  Question though, will 4 tuner be available on Newegg as well, or Just on your site?  I like their 6 month 0%

@jbanks25 - The 4-Tuner will be available through our retailers for sure. 

If adding a 4 tuner to the same network where currently a 2 tuner is deployed, will the “server” be able to leverage  alll 6 tuners in a “tuner pool”?  What I mean is does one need to specify which DVR they want to connect to and where they want to record certain shows?  Bascially the same functionality as having 2 seperate DVRs.


Can i login to my tablotv and setup favorites/recordings all in one spot.  TabloTV will then decide which of the 6 tuners to record it on?

@PiX64 - We don’t offer a ‘unified view’ of all Tablos. Right now when you log in, you get a list of Tablo units on your network. It really does function as two different DVRs.

This works well if you’ve got for example different user sets, for example one can be a kiddo Tablo and the other can be ‘Mom & Dad’ Tablo.