Bunch of stuff missing

I just started using the product. So I’m new. But in the amount of time i have been using it this is what i have seen.

  • Resume where you leave off watching content. I like the integration with Plex maybe it can be done through the channel.
  • When setting series recording there is only options for Record and Record all. There needs to be more options. Some of them should be only record new and keep a number of episodes.
  • Ability to set recording based on title or words in title. Example i had a rule setup in WMC set to record Hockey or Blackhawks. That way if there was any hockey games or shows with blackhawks in it to automatically record.
  • NAS integration for expanded storage. If this can’t be done then there needs to be some sort of integration with Plex to pull and convert the shows out of Tablo and added to plex at an interval automatically. Some sort of workflow to get that done would be great.
  • Commercial skip add-on
  • seamless Multi-Tuner support. The average user shouldn’t need to know what device has the ability to record or has the space. There should be a manager that does that.

I’m sure i can find more as i use it. Tablo still has time before silicondust releases their version to add these features.

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  1. Resume is working on most if not all platforms. Is there a particular device and situation that you are having issues with resume?

  2. Been requested many times, but no timetable on when it will be done.

  3. A user can use keywords to search for a show to record, but there is no way to generate an automatic recording everytime a keyword shows up. Sounds like it could fill up your hard drive with a bunch of unwanted material. The Tablo is designed to record what you tell it to record.

  4. Larger hard drive support is supposedly coming in the next release, though I still doubt it will support NAS. There are ways right now to pull shows off the Tablo (just search the forum), though they are all user developed.

  5. Anything like that would be user developed, not Tablo developed.

  6. I think you mean better multi-Tablo support. Most users have just one Tablo. While that might be a nice feature, it should be a really low priority until a lot of other features are implemented.

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That already exists, at least on the Roku it does,

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I admit I’m still new. I just tried the Tablo for iPhone. It does resume. I was using the Plex Channel mainly because the Web doesn’t seem to be working for me. I believe i have port forwarding setup correctly.

As for the rest I would really like to see the recording options should be the highest priority and should be possible. @snowcat you say that Tablo records what you tell it to. I told it to record The Middle it has recorded 6 episodes and 0 of them are new. Big Bang Theory is doing the same thing 5 episode there.

The commercial skip in WMC was an add-on provided by the community. I’m no programmer but that would be something to have added if they allow for it happen is more of what i was getting at.

For series recordings, there are two settings: Record New and Record All. It sounds like you are using Record All for your shows. Recordings can also be set for individual episodes as well.

Resume may not work in Plex. I don’t use Plex, though many others here do. Hopefully they will chime in. But it does work pretty well on all the other devices.

I do hope you enjoy your Tablo, @ryan8382, and continue to explore what it can do.

To add to the post from @snowcat , when you select a show you can hit ‘REC ALL’ or ‘REC NEW’. See the photo below from the Web app on the phone (this is a separate app, not the my.tablotv.com website through the Chrome browser). REC NEW will only record new episodes, sounds like you hit ‘REC ALL’.

Im making the adjustments. @snowcat you should look at Plex it works really well for most everything.