Builtin Signal Strength Meter


My old Sharp Shows both overall signal strength and signal strength for a selected channel. It also allows me to get an idea about whether the signal is consistent or fluctuating. Remember the only signal that I receive is off an adjacent buildiing. I adjust the antenna for my best reception via the TV tunners and assume this is also the best reception for my Tablo. The meter is only available via for the coax antenna input. Everything is best guess.


Ok, I bought a LG 65UK6090PUA when it was on sale for for $599. No bluetooth but it was a good price. Yep the signal strength meter is in the menu as advertised and it seems to work well.

I will not be watching much 4K video but the quality of the picture at 1080, 720 and even 480 is amazing. Even my old DVDs look better. I was not expecting this.

Since I split my antenna between the Tablo and the tv, moving from Roku to the LG tuners is seamless. I loaded the Lg Tablo app but we mainly view Tablo recordings on the Roku. That will let guests watch tv without having to learn the system.

My wife is happy and I think it was a good move.

I live in an apartment, so I attached a piece of 1/2” Russian Birch plywood with the edges strengthened with aluminum angle to the back of my tv cabinet and used a limited motion wall mounting bracket to hold the tv.


I use the LG app to view the Tablo (though my wife is more familiar with the Roku and prefers to use it for Tablo viewing). Both @ben1 and myself have found the picture quality a little better when viewing Tablo recordings directly through the LG TV than through HDMI\Roku. I guess because this eliminates the middle man (Roku-HDMI)? Haven’t been able to figure what exactly is lost in the translation by the middle layer (Roku-HDMI) as opposed to getting the data directly from the Tablo…

Yes, oldie TV channels such as MeTV and DVDs look great as the LG upscales them. I was looking at an old black and white Route 66 saying to myself, “This is darned good!”

Have you tried seeing what a 4K clip looks like? LG has some demo clips (3 minutes long) that will give you a flavor of what 4K looks like. You can download them and put them on a USB stick to plug into the LG.

Personally I am not going to buy or rent any 4K movies since I don’t see that great an improvement! SD to HD was a great leap but not 1080 to 4K. Some of the background scenery is sharper but the two 4K movies I viewed through Amazon were not mind blowing. This may be because movies have never been shot near 4K resolution (theaters show them closer to 2K).

However I am following at another forum what our neighbors north of the border are saying about hockey in 4K. Canadians are getting some hockey games on TSN in 4K and their comments interest me.


An other surprise was the tv content grid for live tv via the LG tuners. Is this an Lg feature or a DTV feature that my old Sharp coulnd not display.


It’s a DTV feature. ATSC 1.0 allows for transmission of guide data and program information with the program stream. I have to admit the LG does a nice job of formatting this data and presenting it. Especially when it shows this along one edge of the screen as one is viewing a live program.

BTW I was surprised to see that plugging a USB hub into the LG is recognized and I can have several USB devices\sticks plugged in at the same time without having to swap them out.


That is another really nice feature. I had no idea how much an upgrade would buy me. It is more than just being bigger. It will take me awhile to get familiar with all this. How much better is a premium model?W


Two things stand out for me in comparing our LG model to say a $2,000 LG one:

  1. Nano cell technology (how pixels are displayed),
  2. Refresh rate.

#2 can affect how smooth a sports program may be - though our refresh rate is plenty smooth when I’m watching a football game. #1 I simply don’t know how much better it makes a picture? There are probably other features that distinguish the two models but those two I mentioned are the ones that jump out at me when I visit the LG website and start comparing LED models in different price ranges. I may have to visit a store and see in person what a high end LG (LED) looks like…without venturing into OLED territory…


Did some more research as to what essentially differentiates standard from premium LG LED models. It turns out if there is one essential difference it is this Nano Cell display technology. This is LG’s technique for preventing color bleeding between pixels so as to preserve the color integrity viewed from all angles. As LG says, “Reds become redder.” (The LG Nano Cell technology also makes Dolby Vision possible on the high end LED models).

Or as my wife says says, “How much redder do I need my reds to be and when will I know when my reds are as red as they can be?” I was kind of disappointed with this morning’s shopping - the tomatoes weren’t as red as they could be…:slightly_frowning_face:


Either way, I was happy with my 47”, 720 Sharp until the text started getting smaller. Now the text is great and everything else is desert. Other than size, the signal strength meter was my only must have.


Talking about size\text…three years ago I went to get my eyes examined for a new glasses prescription. After some testing, the optometrist told me that my glasses were TOO powerful for my eyes and he needed to bump the prescription DOWN. I asked in amazement how could that be?

He questioned me whether I had done anything different over the past few years. Yes, I said, I went to large screen TVs, better and larger computer monitors and reading larger fonts on my Kindle eReader. He said, “Yep that would do it.” My eyes had actually improved!!!

He told me people are surprised when told they need less powerful lenses. He’s seen this many times as people improve their viewing and reading instruments. One lady he said refused to believe him!


I can believe that. When things are easy to focus on, I believe it is easier on your eyes and less strain. The top half of my retina detached 3 years ago in my good eye. I have had problems with detail since then. It is improving with time. I know about things getting better.
Bigger is better.


Got new glasses today. Distance vision had improved. I don’t know if moving from a 47 to a 65” tv at the end of the year helped me.