Bugs, bugs, bugs! Closed Caption random, others

  1. Closed Captions are randomly popping up
  2. watching on iPad is stuck at the spinner

3a. Deselecting “extend live recordings”. It is still recording five minutes past.
3b. At five minutes past when the recording stops, tablo stops playing live TV. I have to exit and reselect.
4. Random disconnects while watching football recording

Setup: iPad2 airplay to AppleTV

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Had the same issue with closed captions but a simple search revealed it’s a known issue and a simple work around is to toggle the cc button once and restart the app to change the state.

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Same thing with my iPad and iPhone

Same here tonight. I had to revert to digging through drawers to find an XBOX One USB Dongle so I could OTA the game with a different tuner.

heh… they’re selling these things at Walmart now… my god… someone is losing their mind right now knowing that freight train is coming for them. You get exactly one chance at Walmart. It’s the difference between being a multi-millionaire / billionaire and being that guy that had an idea that just might work… poor Tablo…

Extend live recordings is a setting that tells the Tablo to record 50% more of the scheduled time for live events (sports, award shows, and season finales).

The Tablo will always add five minutes to the recording if there is an available tuner when your show ends. It has nothing to do with the other setting.