BUG: AppleTV TabloTV App plays two videos at the same time

I tried out the AppleTV Tablo app today.

I was watching the Flash. About 15 minutes in, the app disconnects from my TabloTV dvr, and was unable to reconnect. I tested the Android Tablo app on my phone and it couldn’t see the Tablo either. I wait 10 minutes. It comes back and syncs on the Tablo android app.

I go back to watch the same Flash show on the AppleTV Tablo app, but now as soon as it starts, I hear TWO tv shows at the same time while the screen shows the current TV show I selected. One audio track is synced with the screen.

When hit the menu button, it returns back to the Flash recordings screen. But in the background, I hear the audio of the Flash show that I was watching earlier when it crashed.

I can stop the audio, if I completely back out of the app by pressing menu up to the AppleTV app screen.

If I go back into the TabloTV app, I can hear the audio continue where it left off when I backed out.

When I hit the “Disconnect” button on the first Tablo tab, it disconnects. I have to wait 3 minutes for it to come back on the detection screen. On the “Connect to Tablo” screen, I can see the Tablo icon and “Scan Again” button. On THIS SCREEN, I can hear the background tv show starts up again and plays in the background audio!

Since I can’t force close apps on AppleTV, I have to reboot it to close the Tablo app and not have a tv show play in the background.

You can force quit apps on the Apple TV. Double tap the home (upper right) button, swipe left/right to the app, then swipe up.

Had the exact same thing happen to me. Had to quit the app and restart it.

Same here …

Do you suppose this post is being followed by any “tech-type” person at Tablo?

Hey folks - apologies for the wait. We’re ware of the issue, and we’re working on it now. We’ll post updates on this as we have them.