Buffering while watching live

We’ve had a tablo quad for about 3 weeks now and love it mostly, but just watching TV live on a roku, it keeps buffering. Everything is on a gigabit LAN so and even the bandwidth/video settings are at the defaults which are not that high. Any ideas of what to try?

When you say gigabit LAN, are the connections to both the Tablo and Roku wired with an Ethernet cable or is either on WiFi? Some older Roku models may struggle with Tablo, what model Roku model are you using?

Tablo is wired Ethernet, apparently the Roku is wireless (no Ethernet). The roku is an older model (express +). We have a roku stick that this has not happened, but I can’t remember if it has happened on out other older express +

I have had a good number of Rokus starting with the Roku 3. The Roku Express series is the only one where I have had buffering issues with the Tablo, and I think it is because it is stuck using 802.11bgn single-band wireless. I recommend switching it out with either a Roku stick (which works great) or one of the Ultras.

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I thought it was wired, but the Roku has no ethernet, only wireless. It sounds like I need a faster Roku. Thank you!