Buffering problem with 2016 Roku stick

Buffering or stops playing?

Many complaints about buffering on the Roku forum with the new stick on Roku firmware 7.1…

my previous posts describe the buffering I’m seeing.

what topics?

Given all the problems with Roku devices why does TABLO have ROKU at the top of preferred devices…c.f. https://www.tablotv.com/blog/best-streaming-set-top-box-tablo/

Based on previous surveys, it is the most used device for Tablo users. I still highly recommend the Roku because it has every app out there, unlike any other streamer.

The Roku Stick devices are historically quite underpowered when compared to their Box brothers. I have a Roku 3 Model 4200, released in March 2013 and it still works great with the Tablo channel.

I keep hearing that Roku sticks are underpowered, but I have to say, I have 4 of the older ones, and they all work just fine for me on all apps, including the Tablo app. I think the reason it’s still the recommended device is 1) So many Tablo users use one as their primary streaming device, and 2)No other streaming device has the wide availability of apps that even come close. Also, at about $40/device, it’s a really good value.

And the new Roku sticks at $30 will even be more powerful with new processors.

Has there been a resolution to the loading problem on the 2016 Roku Stick?

The problem this post seems to refer to was with firmware 7.1 which my 2016 model never missed a beat. It was updated on August 25th to 7.2 and continues to work flawlessly. I don’t think there’s a problem to be resolved. What are you experiencing? What’s your setup?

I think that my problem is actually related more to signal interference than the Roku Stick. I tried moving my TV next to my router and the Roku Stick Tablo app work perfectly. Even though the Roku says it has good signal strength in its usual location the Tablo app doesn’t work well. I think this is due to the Tablo app not being able to handle packet loss so it gets stuck loading. I’ve been searching for a free wifi channel in my area and finally found one on 5 Ghz last week. No loading problems now.