Buffering on Roku during change in on-screen level of activity

Hi All,

For the most part I am a very happy TabloTV user but there is a little buffering niggle and I’m curious if anyone else is seeing it. The conditions are as follows:

  • Record a daytime talk show such as The Talk, The View etc. (er, don’t judge…)
  • Watch the recording via the Roku App
  • Very frequently (7/10 times) the Roku will buffer whenever a guest walks on to join the panel.

It’s almost as if the Roku App is unable to adapt quickly enough to the change in activity on the screen. Going from simple talking heads to panning camera shots with a lot of camera movement. It’s really odd and easy to replicate. I’ve not seen the issue when there is a constant level of activity (e.g. explosions on The Black list). It’s as if the rapid change in data throughput comes as a surprise to the Roku App. I don’t have a more technical description - sorry.

My setups is as follows:

  • Wired Roku 3
  • TabloTV 2.1.30
  • HP ProCurve 1810G switch
  • No other recordings are happening at the time of playback

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I reported this to tablo a couple weeks ago. They said that they were able to reproduce it recently and are currently working on a fix. It wouldn’t hurt to send in a support ticket anyways though.