Buffering Issues Again

Okay! We have only been using TABLO for two months and during this time I have been told by several users on this community that our signal from the OTA through the TABLO and router does not go over/through the internet. I am seeing TABLO constantly accessing the internet, which I guess is for scheduling updates. However, tonight during the local/national news at 5 - 6 PM, we were experiencing periodic buffering and shaky video. Anybody else seeing this issue???

Are you sure you are seeing the Tablo access the internet and not just your internal network? I looked at my router logs, and I see the Tablo access the internet twice a day, once at 3:48 and once at 15:48.

It will of course be accessing your local network every time you use it to watch something. And you are correct that it does not use the internet to play recorded content (unless you are using the Tablo Connect feature from a remote location).

Can you explain how you access the Tablo logs. TIA

I initially assumed that buffering issues must be a network problem (internal network that is), but in the recent thread ‘Tuner Strength & Buffering’ one user claimed to be having buffering issues that were resolved simply by better positioning/pointing his antenna.

I made a comment basically stating that though it surprised me it was good to know that apparently weak signals can cause buffering. Another user chimed in & confirmed that yes they most certainly can & do.

Just because you are experiencing buffering does not mean this is from Tablo accessing the internet. It is much more likely that either your signal strength is causing it (even if it shows as 5 green dots) or it is your local network. I too was recently experiencing some buffering issues. I noticed that my 5G network was down & everything had reverted back to my 2G network. I rebooted my router, the 5G network was restored & my buffering issues were resolved.

Unfortunately given the nature of the Tablo system, it depends on several components all working at peak performance. You need the proper antenna/distribution setup for the signal & a good performing wifi network. If any of these components are not working at peak performance then you can & likely will experience issues.

Keep in mind that while the Tablo doesn’t access the internet for video playback, there’s still opportunity for buffering on your local network. We’ve got a few suggestions to improve here.

Thanks for all your answers. In response to the reply from Tablo Support — I did change the Recording Quality from 1080; however, on my SETTINGS page there is no Advanced settings at the bottom of the page.

For further information: I am using a TABLO APP from a Firestick. The OTA is directly connected to the TABLO and the TABLO is connected via Ethernet to a port on my router to make it part of our home network. We have a second TV in the office area that has a Firestick and it is connected to the home network via our 5G Wi-Fi. The antenna could be a minor problem as we did have a really bad windstorm earlier this week and it might have got moved a little bit. I will check it out today or tomorrow when I climb on the roof.

In reply to “snowcat”: The TABLO is connected via Ethernet cable to the router. Since the light for the port for the TABLO is constantly “red”, I am guessing the TABLO is always talking to someone out there in the “cloud”! Just maybe the TABLO is talking to our new Keurig coffee maker that is also connect to the internet! (Only joking about them talking, but the coffee maker is connected to the internet!) Thanks again to everyone!

I’ve recently noticed some buffering issues with the latest firmware, but I only get them from one channel and the reception to this channel is not perfect. Even though I don’t see any artifacts or frame skipping when I watch it, I know the signal strength is not the greatest at this specific channel.

It happened while watching the Bachelorette on CityTV (62.1) and I would get the freezing at the same exact places watching from either a Roku Premiere + or an ATV4.

Besides for this channel, I don’t recall getting the freezing any other time.