Buffering every .5 seconds

New system installed to my old network.
Conditions prior to tablo install: Roku works well no buffering on all apps : wireless connection
Firestick works well on all but some and have a little buffering depending on app viewed.
OTA 125 channels no problems with indoor ASTC HD lite wait wall antenna.
Conditions with Tablo installed via Roku wireless: Two Roku 's one upstairs with router/modem and one down with tablo downstairs. Both buffer in and out every .5 second. cant view.

Tablo is eithernet connected to router: Tablo settings are all at low 720p: after trying higher settings: ATTmodem /Uverse router by PACE: Broudband 3.0 mps at 2.4 Ghz: Roku 2.8 ver. Windgard Attenna: coax approximately 100 ft run. Eithernet cat5e approximately 60 foot run to tablo.

Found heavier traffic on network channel (1)one but haven’t changed channels yet.
Tablo seems to pull down speed heavily but speed alternates from 1 to 4 MPS
Any help as I have been circling for 6 hours and plan to get back to it tomorrow.


As a new I am learning ore about the site. I have found usable answers to this issue after exercising better search words and getting used to the layout. For me this issue is closed.

I Will look into the power adapters,it may be a winner for me. I have already place my tablo next to my router . I will just have to re-evaluate the antenna location for it.