Buffering and will shut down


I am experiencing a buffering condition on a few channels with a strong signal. It seems to happen after 5:30 pm daily. Then in the early evening it will stop. I have and AC3200 router and 1gig internet service.

Also the last 2 days it will shut down and will not restart. I have had to reboot the system and it may or may not restart.

Thanks Ken

The frustrating part of TV broadcast signals is they may be strong, and clear now, but weak, and noisy later, and then back to strong, and clear.
Not much help, I know.

Is your Tablo connecting to your network via wireless-n @ 2.4GHz by chance?
Mine froze every day until I forced my wireless router to broadcast only wireless-g @ 2.4GHz.

Are you still having issues with buffering and connectivity? If you are, don’t hesitate to send our team a note.