Buffering and fast forward problems

So I’m having a problem with all of my recordings now where I’ll get stuck buffering in a spot, then I go to hit fast forward and it pops me back to the last 5 seconds or so that I just got stuck on. It doesn’t matter how far I go forward, I cannot advance beyond that point. I’ve tried force stop and it still does not help. Watching this on fire TV.

Here is a video of what I’m experiencing: https://youtu.be/xZ2Adz2uq40

What playback device?

What recording quality are you using?

Try rebooting your router, Tablo, then playback device is that order.

Tablo dual tuner
Fire TV
128g flash drive
HD720 3 Mbps

Flash drive? Those are not compatible with the Tablo.

What is the make and model of the flash drive you’re using?

Samsung flash drive 1100. I could have sworn when I got my tablo 2 years ago that I read it could support a flash drive. That’s rather funny because I’ve been using it for 2 years and until now just the typical buffering issues everyone else has had. Guess I’ll be looking for a hard drive.

Well if you’ve been using the flash drive for 2 years then that shouldn’t be the problem.

Did you reboot everything as I suggested?

Also googling “Samsung flash drive 1100” didn’t bring anything up, is that the actual model number?

Non-Compatible Forms of Storage to Avoid
Tablo OTA DVRs do NOT support USB Flash Drives (aka sticks) or Network Attached Storage (NAS). That’s because their read/write speeds are too variable for recording live video.”



Yes, I read that just before as I went to find what made me think a flash drive was okay. I’m guessing that my mind read USB 2 and went immediately to flash for some reason. I do have an external hard drive, but even though it was partitioned, it wanted to reformat everything, and I have important stuff saved on it. I’ll just pick up a new one.

Oh, and I haven’t done the reboot yet but will before we go upstairs. My boyfriend is in the middle of a movie.