Browser for PC with Sound

Since the last update for Surround Sound the Chrome browser and IE won’t play sound on my PC… ( yes I have unchecked the surround box in settings to try and get sound back but no go).
What Browser works now with sound on a PC?

If you have surround sound turned off, all the browsers work (at least those that connect to a Tablo).

Any recordings made with surround sound turned on will not have sound, but live tv and previous/future recordings should all work.

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I will try turning the surround sound off again and check- maybe a recording was in progress when I tried… Thanks

OK- no recording- surround sound off- still no sound… however for some reason (with surround still off) I changed the live setting from 1080 to 720 and the recording to 720 and how about that we have sound…

Just a little tweak…

Next time when you change between surround sound on or off, just power cycle the Tablo. No need to change the video quality.

OK - I will try it - Thanks