'Broken' Recordings and Please Wait Messages

Just set up a new system with Antenna and Tablo (2 tuner) playing through a Roku 3 system. I’m on version 2.2.6 and the latest Roku firmware. I’m have two different (related?) issues.

  1. I get a lot of “Loading, please wait” on the Roku and it takes a little while before anything comes back. Happens inconsistently, last night ok, today poor.

  2. My recordings of a single show gets broken down into a whole bunch of partial recordings (anything from 35 minutes to 45 seconds worth of program) as if it were loosing signal, but there is no pixelating or anything that looks like a bad signal and its on a couple different channels I’ve seen. (last nights Marvel is showing as 10 separate short recordings that add up to 58 minutes recorded)

Anyone who can suggest something, cause I’m pretty sure next step is everything going back.

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I thought the hard drive issues were fixed a release to 2 back?


@Stampy - We’re trying to isolate issue #1 at the moment. Generally the Roku sends that message when there is a slowness on your local network but it has become more prevalent lately for a reason we don’t yet understand.

A quick ‘fix’ for a lot of people is to reduce your recording quality in your settings area. This provides a less taxing stream for the Roku to obtain & deliver.

As for #2, I agree with @philsoft that it could be a hard drive issue, but it may also be an antenna issue. If reception is spotty, Tablo will try to record around the breakups in signal but it can result in the recordings being chopped up like this.

Our support team would be happy to give you a hand with troubleshooting: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Using a brand new ADATA HD650 1Tb drive. Formatted by the Tablo. Should I format it again? or do something else?

I’ve checked a couple of the recordings and its crystal clear signal for the whole time, just cuts off.

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Update - swapped drive for an old 500Gb powered HD (I/O Magic) and the recordings are working fine now. Seems more stable on Roku too…

Fingers crossed…

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I just had a drive related issue trying to get my Tablo going.
I heard that our ability to see the logs from the Tablo is coming?
I think this would be a great help for this issue, my issue, and ones like it.