Bringing 2 new customers to Tablo

I have been a cable tv subscriber for many years and after months of researching decided to cut my cable cord and go OTA.  One of the parts of my research was when I came across the Tablo website. After comparing it to my other options I knew this wold be the right product to use.  I thought this would be so successful that I called my father, also a long time cable subscriber, and he is cutting his cord and going OTA with the Roku and the Tablo as well.  He was so excited he even ordered his Tablo before he ordered his OTA antenna.  I will order mine once I get the antenna hooked up.  But I wanted to let someone know at Tablo that i spent a lot of time looking at all the available options and I believe that Tablo comes out on top and I know you will have two new happy customers in the next week or so.

@Kcormier19 Thanks for the kind words, Kyle! We’re glad to hear that you managed to cut the cord. Maybe we should think of a ‘referral’ program… ;)