Both Tablo USB ports are dead, no power to USB hard drive!

Hello. I purchased a refurbished 4 tuner Tablo in March. Initially I only used the Tablo to stream live TV to my laptops, tablets and Roku. Apart for the annoying buffering delays the product seemed to work fine.Until just recently I had not tried to connect a USB hard drive to record programming.

Last week I was given a new Western Digital Passport USB drive so I decided to connect it to the Tablo to try the recording feature. When I plugged it into the USB port on the Tablo, I noticed that the LED on the drive did not come on. I then checked the Tablo Web interface under Settings and it said that there is no hard drive connected. I disconnected the drive and plugged it into my laptop and it worked as it should. Then I tried testing the Tablo USB ports by connecting my mobile phone and an mp3 player to the Tablo but neither port would power these devices.

Now I am at a loss as to what I should do next. Since this was a refurbished unit the warranty has expired, but without recording capability the functionality and utility of this device has been severely limited. Any help from members and Tablo Customer Support would be VERY much appreciated.

Have you tried to power cycle the tablo with the hard drive connected? It will need to format the drive.

Thanks for the reply Kyle. Yes, I tried unplugging and re-powering the Tablo with the drive connected but nothing happens. It seems odd that both USB ports would be dead. I imagine that a USB port failure on an electronic device would be rare but for both of theme to go together seems peculiar.

Have you filed a ticket with @TabloSupport?

You may need to do a factory reset on the Tablo to ensure the hard drive is recognized and formatted correctly.

How would I do a factory reset? The only reset button I see is the blue button on the back of the Tablo and I’ve pressed that one several times. Is there some sort of other procedure for a complete reset?

Factory Reset - Push and hold the reset button. The LED will start flashing faster and faster. When the LED goes solid, release the button to complete the factory reset. Warning - this will erase all recordings and recording schedules.

Pressing and holding the blue reset button for several seconds (until you see the LED light flash) will factory reset your Tablo.

Just my two cents but you may wish to do the factory reset and then follow the instructions like you were setting it up from scratch. And I’ll admit this is the first time I heard of anyone setting it up without a hard drive. Didn’t know you could do that.

I did a factory reset by holding down the blue button for 30 seconds. Then I followed the First Time Setup procedure. During setup however, I noticed that right after the channel scan I was NOT prompted to add a hard drive or to format a hard drive as shown in the setup guide. The setup jumped directly to the main Tablo Web Interface and there was no mention of hard drive installation.

I would certainly start a support ticket, even though it may not be under warranty maybe they can do something.

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@happy_jack It looks we’ve got this all squared away! Thanks for sending over a note.