Both roku3's don't see the Tablo on the network

So, a day or 2 ago my Roku3’s, 2 of them, lost connection with the Tablo. It shows a message stating that it does not see a Tablo on the network. I also have a RokuTV and this still sees the Tablo and I am able to watch video on it and my laptop, tablet, and cell phone are all able to connect to it as well. And I did check the router that all of these devices share just to verify that I see the Tablo and that the routers IP matches the IP that I see under the Tablo settings. Also, on my main room’s Roku 3 I deleted and reinstalled the app - no change and the Tablo and Roku have been power cycled - no change. So, does anybody have any ideas on what may have caused this and how I can correct it?

I just saw someone else’s post about the roku app and reinstalled it again - now the main roku is working again. I will double check the other roku 3, but I should be set.

@eigregor - Sorry this happened but glad you got it sorted out. It seems that a few of the older customers got onto a legacy version of the app. 

The good news is that you should have a much better experience now!