Bluetooth speaker for phone

Check out my review of my new Bluetooth speaker at Amazon.
Excellent sound. With this speaker and the TuneIn app, you don’t need an old fashioned radio.

Anker makes good products.

Bose has great marketing to make you think they’re a premium product, but it’s a mediocre product at a premium price.

So, without listening to it, I don’t know what to think when you say Anker is worse than Bose…

It sounds almost as good as or maybe the same as Bose. It’s not bad. I really like it. I didn’t mean that it is bad. I’ve been buying Anker products since I first discovered them on Amazon. For example, I got the Anker battery for my Galaxy S5, and now I can use my phone, watch Netflix, surf the net, email, Facebook, etc and the battery last ALL DAY instead of two hours. Yes, it does add weight to the phone.

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