Black Friday upgrade

I just upgraded to a refurb OG 4 tuner from an OG 2 tuner, that I also bought refurb two years ago, with the Black Friday deal. The device works great, but Tablo needs more QC with their refurbs. Mine was pretty scuffed and one of the lower screw wasn’t tightened all the way and the bottom tray was loose, but I tightened it up to secure it. All-in-all, I hope to get at least the same 2 years out of this unit, and am VERY glad to have less scheduling conflicts now.

I purchased a refurb Dual Lite last month. You may be over generalizing, mine arrived secured, powered right up and works exactly as expected.

I have seen several complaints similar to mine on other forums, including reddit. Again, the unit worked, it just felt more “scratch and dent” stock than refurbished.

No doubt something gets through from time-to time. But visual blemishes on a refurbished unit, I don’t consider, comparable to a screw not secure.

Agreed, the screw loose enough for the cover to not be secured is definitely more concerning than the scuffs all over the unit. This wasn’t supposed to be a completely negative post though, I still like Tablo, I was just disappointed with the refurb QC.

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