Big trouble with wife new help


I purchased a used / refurbished device directly from you on your site a few months ago and now it is hanging / freezing when watching live TV or recorded content.
I noticed it was extremely hot so I turned it on the side and put a small fan to cold it.

It has been intermittently hanging or freezing since I got it but not is happening almost 90% of the time. I used to press the Apple TV menu button on the remote then back to Live or recorded content and would start.

But still hangs. My wife is really pissed off at my and making my life miserable. Scandal her favorite TV was on last night the she hit the fan with all the interruptions.

I am using an Apple TV device running the latest app store version that is directly wired to a hard wore Ethernet network.

I am paid life time subscription user for the TV guide.

Overall I like the product be with all this hanging and freezing I am losing patience.

Do you think that because I bought it refurbished that the device is bad and defective?

Please help, as my life is not good because wife is mad at me for changing from DirectTV and calling me cheap.

Thanks in big trouble.

PS I am cheap but would not be opposed to returning the refurbished unit and pay full price for a new unit, just need wife off may back.

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