Better support for french character

For some days, I’ve been trying to program the show “L’épicerie” but could not find it in the Netflix-like view. I tried to use the search feature, but writing “epicerie” held no result.

Only today did I realize that the character ‘é’ and ‘e’ was not the same for the Tablo app. Writing with ‘é’ finally gave me the expected result.

That would have been easily solved if I could have seen a 14 days (or even just 7 days) guide (I had known the exact day and time of the show from the start), but given that we only have a 2 days guide, the search feature needs to be way more solid for us poor french people with funky accent.

The TL/DR version: Please make that the search feature give the same result for letter with accent that the result you would get for the same letter without accent, like every modern search engine do.

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