Better Receiving Sensitivity/Quality in Newer Firmwares?


I’ve been a TabloTV user for just over two years. Back in October 2015 when I got my unit, I set it up and found as many of the local channels as I could get with the channel scan. I trimmed out the ones I didn’t care about. In one case in particular, Austin TX Fox Ch 7, it was not a good signal, and I would usually get the “Weak signal” error when trying to tune to that channel. If I got it at all, it was very blocky and difficult to watch.
I got lucky though, as that same local channel was provided by SlingTV, so I could get it over the internet.

So, fast forward to a week or so ago. I heard about a few new stations in my area, and I re-did the channel scan for the first time since I bought and installed the TabloTV. I saw a few new ones, and changed my channel line up. Well now, for some strange reason, Fox 7 comes in perfectly after this scan. I checked with Fox 7 and they have not changed anything about their broadcast strength. I have not touched my attic antenna.

I know that today I am using firmware 2.2.16. I do not remember what firmware I had when I originally installed the unit, but it would have been whatever was current in late October 2015.

I’m not really here asking for any support, but I am suggesting to folks that if you have historic channels you could not receive well, you may want to try a new channel scan to see if you get different results today, than when you first installed your TabloTV units. You might be surprised.


All sorts of things, weather, humidity, atmospheric conditions, rain, seasons, trees…etc. could contribute to your surprise. :slight_smile: