Better connectivity

I have a problem getting most of my free channels on my channel scan. I have and outdoor antenna. I have Tablo connected by ethernet to my computer, and TV is across the room. I bought an indoor antenna and connected it directly to the TV. All channels clear .My internet is DSL, and I have a Roku

Why is your Tablo connected to your computer? I wasn’t even aware that was possible. In our home the Tablo is connected to our home network/router and the antenna. Than we connect from our various devices to the home network by Ethernet/WiFi.

The only thing the Tablo should be connected to is 1. the antenna via coax, 2. 110 power, and 3. a hard drive. You also have the option to connect ethernet to your router or just use a wireless connection.

I know that is what the instructions say, but doing that way only recognized 3 channels

A router is a computer… A PC can be configured as a DCHP server - and rout network traffic.

So Tablo is connected to an outdoor antenna and only gets 3 channels. The TV is connected to an inside antenna and and gets all channels.

What happens if you connect the indoor antenna to the Tablo and do a scan?