Best Way To Stream With Tablo Connect at My Vacation Home

Hi All-

I’m wondering what people feel is the best way to stream through Tablo Connect on my big screen at my vacation home?

I have Apple TV and can stream through the iPad app, iPhone app or computer.

What I’d love is something that is less of a process every time I want to watch something.

If I get a Roku box will that be able to connect through Tablo Connect at my vacation home back to Tablo at my primary residence?

I use an Android-based media player. Just install the Tablo Android app (looks and works the same as the iOS app), sync once at home and away you go!

If you synced the Apple TV at home first, then you could use Safari to connect.

Either way should be an acceptable amount of effort to spouses…

No, but the FireTV will I believe.

Roku will not but FireTV (both box and stick) can. They would need to be paired prior to setting in vacation home and repaired for some updates. Login / password is on the “To do” list.

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