Best Tablo watching device

I havea Roku 3 (original), FireTv stick, and Nexus Player. IMHO, the Nexus Player is the best. I also have Roku 4. Device you use makes a differenceEverything wireless on the GHz.


For firmware 2.2.6, I think this is the order of the most stable and best performing playback devices I’ve tested.

iOS (zero problems)
HTML5 Browser on Windows
Google Nexus Player (my preferred device, only one problem)
Google Chromecast v1
Roku 2 (the worst experience of them all)

Those are the items I’ve tested. I’m sure others have tested more device types or a different preference order.

When you say iOS you mean jush local playback on the device itself (iPad of iPhone) or AirPlay to an Apple TV as well?

Here’s my order of playback speed and reliability from my experience:
-NVIDIA Shield
-Nexus Player
-Roku 3

Honorable mention: The speed of the HTML5 web app is quite nice, but I would never use it as a daily Player. However, I would put it near the top in terms of performance.

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I really like the Nexus Player… far superior to the Roku for use with Tablo. Tho it’s lacking some of the channels available on the Roku, the Tablo app is far more polished and it’s a much slicker experience.

The Nexus Player has some other features I like as well, beyond being faster.

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Nexus Player has The Weather Network which Roku doesn’t. Roku has Weather4Us which Nexus player doesn’t. Nexus also has Android M.

Nvidia Shield is outstanding.
Roku 4 has been solid with 2.2.8 so far

Correct. I find that the native iOS Tablo TV app is the most feature rich, stable, and best performing client when connecting to firmware 2.2.6, with the HTML5 interface as a close second.

But neither of those offer a good 10-foot experience, which is why I noted that the Google Nexus Player is my preferred client. It’s main flaw is that sometimes when you delete a recording, the main Recordings section fails to reload and appears blank. To resolve you must switch to another section like Live TV and then switch back to Recordings to select and play something else. Otherwise, play and fast forward is 1 to 5 seconds over wifi at 720 5Mbps.

Good news - that bug (blank screen after deleting recordings) was reported widely on the last release, and is fixed in the new beta release. The resume feature also works as expected in the new beta release.

More good news! The beta @getcashmoney is referring to has been pushed to the public app store, and is available for upgrade now.


Has the beta for the new Fire Tablet been sent yet? I got a message about it and no email from Amazon. Please have them mention Fire Tablet and not leave it Fire TV.

Great, I see I have the new version now. The recordings grid population delay and the resume problem were the only two problems I had on the Nexus. With those fixed I am very happy to be done with the pile of issue with Roku. Since getting it, the Nexus has become my primary playback device. I still have the Roku connected for channels that are not available on the Nexus, but it is fairly rare I fire it up now.

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