Best streaming device for use with Tablo (for tech challenged user)

I’m setting my mother up with a Tablo. She is pushing 80 and she struggles with tech. She can program a VCR but hers recently died. She uses the internet but doesn’t quite grasp the difference between a web page and a web browser. She also has trouble using a smart phone even just to place a phone call. She has a tablet but has trouble using Pandora. She can’t figure out the tap thing, She always wants to press. So my question is what is the best hardware to get for her? Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire or something else? The question really comes down to the user interface. She has used Roku and the simple remote seems to be a plus. She will not be getting a subscription so she will need to be able to do the manual scheduling which I don’t think you can do via the Roku interface. She could learn to do the scheduling via the web page but I think it would be preferable to have all the required functions available in a single interface.

I like the simplicity of the Roku, but sadly there are some features still lacking there. But who knows, maybe that’s a good thing?

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Roku is simple to use, seems solid enough and has lots of channels/apps available. You can also do manual scheduling via the Roku.

Can you quickly describe the steps required to do manual scheduling via Roku? Thanks in advance!

My vote is for the Apple TV 4.

Currently, I think it’s the most powerful hardware available. I’ve used the Roku 3 and the Amazon Fire TV 2. I can’t speak to Nvidia. Tablo on :apple:TV4 is much faster.

The Apple UI is not as full featured as the Fire TV 2, but seeing that you indicate she’s not going to have the expanded guide and will set recordings manually, then I don’t see the downside.

What I particularly like about the Apple setup, is that ‘You’ can program her current tv remote to work both the tv and the Apple TV (in the set up options). You mentioned simple, and it doesn’t get better than one remote for Mom to use. And with the Apple TV OS, you can remove all other apps AND rearrange to have the Tablo App as the only thing on the top ribbon bar.

The question you must ask first is the tablo hardware and software easy to use for grandma ?

With my family, if I died today they be back to the cable box in a month