Best recording setting for available sources

Anyone have a succinct explanation for what would be my best Tablo recording quality setting? Of the 6 main channels I record on, they list as follows in the broadcast quality;
2 - 1080i
4 - 720p

On the two 1080i channels, sports recordings have been VERY pixelated in motion scenes. With the new 2.2.6 options, is there any value in using the new 1080, 720@60pfs setting?

  1. Is your Tablo hard wired to your router?
  2. What is the make and model of you router?
  3. What are your playback devices? Roku? Fire TV? Nexus Player? If Roku, what’s the exact model number?

The answer to those will help us say which recording quality is better for you.

@mohoelx - If you want a deeper explanation, check out this post that got updated yesterday:

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ok, so was thinking more in terms of “source” than “playback” meaning what is the point of 1080p if most only broadcast at 720p, but seems the only way to get the 720p with 60fps is the top-dog recording setting. Is there any (easy) way to find out what the broadcasters are sending in terms of 720p? Meaning if they aren’t even sending 60fps, then I wouldn’t even need to worry about it.

At any rate,

Tablo is hardwired through gigabit switch to TP-Link AC1750 router.
Playback is on Nexus Players to a 2014 model 65 inch LED TV (living room), or a 2014 model 24 inch LED (wife’s studio)

Read the article and I always figured Goldilocks was just too picky. I just want the “best” image I’ll be capable of, without having to go through frustrating hours of trying different samples for the different show types on the different channels, only to find that for A, B, and C best is X but for X, Y, and Z, best is Z and still not have a clear conclusion :wink:

If you want the best quality, set the Tablo at the highest setting. Then record a show on a 720p channel and a 1080i channel. Watch your test recordings on each of your playback devices and see if there is any buffering/loading occurring. If not, then you should be good to go at that setting. If there is buffering, drop to the next setting down and make 2 new test recordings. Repeat until you find the setting that works for you.

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If all you care about is video quality then yes the ‘1080p 10 Mbps’ setting is what you want. Some devices might not be able to play that high bitrate back either due to the device’s hardware limitation or not fast enough WiFi, but you’ll have to test it with your setup.