Bell Canada Hub 3000 router forces Tablo to use a congested wifi channel!

I sometimes get many Failed to load video messages in a short period of time, when watching TV.

My wifi is configured with two SSIDs, one for 2,4 GHz and one with 5 GHz which is the one I use for Tablo and myTV. On my router interface screen, I selected channel 48 on the 5 GHz. I then realized that the router also broadcasts on channel 149. Bell calls those Radio 1 and radio 2. I understand that Bell uses channel 149 for its own TV offer and that I cannot get rid of it!
Last night Tablo displayed a lot of those error messages on my TV screen. I then looked at my router statistics about packets sent and received and realized that my router was not using channel 48 at all! All packets were going through Channel 149! Selecting the auto option instead of channel 48 did not seem to help.

I am not usually fond of conspiracy theories. But by crippling my own router, Bell would probably like me to switch to their Fibe TV offer! I will probably end up adding TP-Link adapters.

Have you tried using the 2.4 Ghz with the Tablo? Depending on your house layout and distance from the router that can often provide a better signal than the 5 Ghz band.

Thank you. I was experiencing some buffering with the use of 2.4
My Tablo and TV are on the same table in the adjacent room about twenty feet from the modem. There is only one wall (wood frame and plaster) in the way. I measure the same signal intensity of -30 dB with WI Fi Analyser for the 5GHz network everywhere in those two rooms. Cannot get a better signal!

If only one wall. Have you thought about adding ethernet. A couple of electrical work boxes, cat5-e jacks and faceplates from Home Depot or Lowes. It would be easy to snake a cable through. Other than that maybe ethernet over powerline.

The TV and Tablo are at the other end of the TV room and there is already the antena cable on the baseboard of three of the walls.
I will probably use Ethernet over powerline as you suggest.

Thank you for your comment.