Before I purchse I had a couple of questions

I’m planning on purchasing the 4 tuner and I’m gathering information.

  1. Will the TV with the Tablo work with other TVs, in this case 2, making a home DVR system? And if so, do those TVs need to have roku (access to the internet)?

  2. What all comes with the 4 tuner? Does it have it’s own remote control?

I’d appreciate any education I clearly need :slight_smile:


You need a streaming box (roku) on each TV and it will act like a home dvr. You use the roku remote.

You don’t actually connect the Tablo to a TV. You connect an OTA antenna to the Tablo and connect your Tablo to your Wifi or router(hardwaired is preferred). Then each TV you have will need a Roku/AppleTV/Chromecast/FireTV that is connected to your home WiFi. Download the Tablo APP onto the Roku or whatever and then it will find your Tablo on your home Wifi and connect.

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Both the Tablo and streaming devices need to be on the same network.

Having the Roku hardwired is faster.

Awesome guys, very helpful indeed, very easy sounding :). Will it be OK if I need more questions asked I can post them? Of course with as helpful as you all were I shouldn’t have any.

TYVM again :smile:


Ask all you want!! Sorry my post was so short. I was on my way out the door and wanted to at least give you some level of response.

Absolutely no problem, thx again :slight_smile:

Actually now that I think of it, does Tablo have any kind of warranty. Reading about some of the post of the units getting real hot and having to exchange them mad me wonder.


Yes 30 day return and 1 year manufacturer warranty. As long as you purchase a new unit.

Does the 30 day return part matter if I purchase through Tablo or Amazon?

ty :slight_smile:

Amazon has a 30 day return anyway but several people here have received used (returned) units from Amazon. I ordered from Amazon (I am a Amazon junkie) before I heard about used units being shipped and got a new unit. They new they got used units when the 30 day trial of guide data would not activate. Tablo was able to activated the trial for them.

That’s answers that, Tablo then. That is ridiculous that they would do that, surprising. I to order a lot from Amazon, wow.
Is there some sort of feature list for Tablo? I didn’t see any mention of that on the site. Do the recording have an option to skip commercials, things of that nature?

Thx :smile:

Roku has preview thumbnails for FF but there is no commercial skip feature.

I bought the refurbished 4ch direct from Tablo online store and it’s been fine. Wife’s a big Amazon Prime shopper but after digging into things, it made best sense to buy from Tablo store.

Reading forums I was prepared to allow for extra ventilation (stand on end w/plenty free space) and hard wire to my router ethernet.

I consider it a “hot” box. ‘Wouldn’t stack or stuff it into something without a method to shed heat that will build up.

IOS devices present 20s << and 30s >> which works well for skipping commercials and resuming program. However, this function is very “clunky” when attempted on active recordings. (live time shift/slip).

I think I may be lost in this process and would like more help please.

From another post I created about getting RAI International, I realize I won’t be getting that. This is where I’m kind of lost. In order to keep RAI, I’m going to keep what I have with basic cable. My understanding is, in order to stream content on roku from FoxNews, CNN, A&E etc… I need to have those channels (hence keeping the basic cable) or am I incorrect and I’ll be able to get those channels through the antenna/Tablo, therefore allowing me to stream those stations?

Then reading through different posts, should I wait on purchasing until the new version or no?

I seen people say they were using the Manhattan 200 to help cool the unit. Is the unit placed directly on top of the fan?

Can someone please recommend a router please, as I’m a clueless sole :slight_smile:

TYVM for your patients and help :smile:

You could also order from Newegg. I have not read of anyone getting used Tablo from Newegg unless it was specified that it was used. When I got mine, there was a promo going on that if you buy a 4 tuner, you got a 1 TB hard drive FREE. Something that no one mentioned is that you do need a USB 2 or 3 hard drive. It is currently limited to 2 TB, but when the current beta gets released, larger disk will be supported. You can stream your live TV to your phone or computer as long as they have been paired previously. A login / password option has been mentioned, but no date given when that will be available.

  1. There is no new version of the Tablo coming out anytime soon. Buy either a dual tuner or quad tuner model.
  2. You can buy a USB fan to cool the Tablo, but if you put the Tablo in a well ventilated area you likely won’t need one.
  3. FoxNews, CNN, A&E are all channels not available over the air. You need cable for those. I previously sent you a link to tvfool where you can see the channels you will receive with an OTA antenna.
  4. Before buying a Tablo, I would set up the OTA antenna and connect it to the HDTV tuner in your HDTV and see what channels you get. If you’re happy with those channels then only get a Tablo.
  5. What is the current router you have? Exact make and model please.
  6. How big is the house where you’re putting the Tablo? This is key to a router recommendation. Also, it is strongly recommended the Tablo be hard wired to your router. Playback clients such as the Roku can be connnected wirelessly to your router.
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According to the blog on Tablo, the current beta firmware will be out in July. It will add support for larger hard drives. I posted the link somewhere.

CBSN ( does have a ROKU Channel. NBCNews also does, but not live.

  1. I’ll be limited in how I want to set the Tablo is why I was asking if Tablo could be placed on top of the fan? The space allows for it being flat I think.

  2. Since those channels are not available over OTA, am I to assume I was correct as far as keeping the basic cable? You did have me use, however, I don’t feel it was very accurate as it didn’t many channels. Being within 10 miles of the tower, I thought it would be more.

  3. I don’t believe I can check that antenna as our HDTV is a wall mount, that I don’t think comes away from the wall, but I’ll try.

  4. I have no router as of now.

  5. only up stairs, so about 600 sq. ft… What is hard wired to the router and is that difficult. This router is the sole purpose to use tablo, so I’m assuming I don’t need much?

TYVM :smile:

It is accurate. There are not THAT many OTA channels. Usually the main networks, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, etc. are available OTA.