Bay Area national NBC channel 11 guide

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and channel 11-1 is the national NBC channel and it nor 11-2 come up in my guide. I’ve refreshed the channel list and 11-1/2 have strong all green signals and work, are checked as channels and multiple guide refreshes fail to yield a guide listing only for 11-1 and 11-2?

Any idea why such an important nationwide 11-1 NBC (KNTV) San Francisco, coverage would not appear in the guide along with the less important 11-2.

Please help. I have to decide whether its worth the subscription in a week and without NBC, I’ll bail on Tablo.

Rescan your channel sometimes network repack there signals. heres a website to see when your channels are moving.

I’ve re-scanned multiple times followed by guide refreshes and it just doesn’t seem to like 11-1 and 11-2. I can watch either live just fine. So they work, it just has no guide entry. That means I would need to use the manual mode for recording on my favorite channel. That means the guide service is essentially useless.

Try a zip code closer to the station. The guide supplier may not have populated for your zip code.

Then open a support ticket.

Send a ticket to tablo support, I had to send a ticket when some of my guide are blank they have to put it on for my zip code.

My NBC is coming in on 11-1 just fine. In am in the Bay Area.

I’m getting 11-1 NBC just fine but its not in the guide. Maybe I’ll edit my zipcode and see if that helps.

Changing zipcode to one closer to SF worked…

Is channel reception related to guide data? If it’s in my active channel list, is signal validated before downloading programing data?

Repack changes actual channel frequencies, not call signs and ID’s or virtual channels from what I understand. (considering they are still calling it by “11-1 NBC (KNTV)”)

If the question whether you have to rescan after the repack. I’m going to say yes. I think there has already been forum posts about repack and rescan.

Even TV’s with directly connected antennas have to rescan.

They said there was no issue viewing the channel! The issue was related to guide data

I didn’t realize guide data was dependent on an actual signal, once it was in your active channel list.

I changed my zipcode to one closer to San Francisco, did a rescan and then guide update and 11-1 and 11-2 have guide info. It appears my zipcode has a guide error as 11-x must be missing.

I don’t think it is. It’s more related to the guide provider having accurate info for your zipcode

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None of this is particularly unusual. It could be as simple as the FCC not having accurate DTV maps or the station acquiring a translator channel that is supplying your channel.

If you want it fixed you just need to open a ticket and report the zipcode and channel. That info is passed onto the guide provider.

Thanks for all the help. Its nice having a user group that offers good ideas quickly. I can use the closer zipcode until mine is fixed. I’ll open a ticket. I only really cared about the main channels and with this fixed, I’m good.

Thanks Again!

I also posted a link last month: RESCAN DAYS

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