Battery of Recent Tablo Updates

With the battery of recent Tablo updates; Firmware 2.2.6, Roku Preview 2.0.15 and the web app update there has been a much needed performance and stability improvement. It feels like Tablo is finally on the verge of transitioning out of the beta stage. If that sounds like a backhanded comment, it’s because it is.

Last week I finally reached a point where I was totally fed up with the buggy nature of the Tablo product and the lack of recent development progress. I did some research, I added a Tivo Roamio to my cart and was about to click buy. At that moment I thought I better check the Tablo community posts one last time before completing the purchase. I saw all the notes about these 3 updates and decided to hold off. I decided it was do or die on these updates so they’d better be significant.

I’m glad I held off because these updates are indeed significant. It is my hope that this is the beginning of a steam rolling momentum to make their product worthy of the mainstream.

At this point the goal should be to fine tune their Roku ‘preview’ app and get it out of preview and complete a solid Apple TV app before the holidays hit. Do that and I actually might be purchasing Tablo’s as gifts this season.


I think the only feature that is keeping Preview from replacing Legacy is sorting - most recent, genre, etc. Once that update is made available, I believe Preview becomes the Roku app and Legacy becomes a private channel. Tablo has indicated this will be happening soon.

Didn’t tablo indicate that new Roku app was to have the same functionality as the WEB app. @jdoe have you made a list of this functionality to see what is missing in the new roku app. Or are basing you statement on what features your interested in?

I believe early on Tablo stated that they would keep the Legacy app alive us a public app until the Preview app had all the features of the Legacy app (which does have sorting). I don’t recall any reference to the web app. It is this earlier statement that I refer to. And I also believe that the only feature that the Legacy app has that Preview does not is sorting. Maybe others can confirm this or suggest other features of Legacy that have yet to appear on Preview.

Oh yes - and I do look forward to sorting so I can see the most recent recordings.

The new Roku app has been under development since at least November of 2014. If you search the forum you will find many statements to that affect. Including a back off indicating tablo didn’t think they could implement any feature on the setting page. Then it was they might be able to implement some.

Roku may be the only app that doesn’t require a WAN connection. So it might be nice if it contained major features. I know the WAN never goes down. And in the last 40 years I’ve also never had a power outage

The Roku app will never have watch at remote location until (unless) there is login/password. That could change depending on what os 7 adds, since Roku will with OS 7 will work at hotels.

@beastman you lost me. The original poster commented:

"At this point the goal should be to fine tune their Roku ‘preview’ app and get it out of preview and complete a solid Apple TV app before the holidays hit. Do that and I actually might be purchasing Tablo’s as gifts this season. "

I simply responded with what I thought was keeping the Preview app from retiring the Legacy app - sorting. Are you suggesting that there is another feature besides sorting that the Legacy app had that the Preview app does not? Not sure how watching the Roku app remotely relates to this discussion?

No - just saying Roku will never be able to be watched at a hotel, like I did my FireTV stick. Due to how the Roku OS is, it will not be able to be done. I think just the additional sorting. Though the Roku beta app doesn’t have a help screen like the beta FireTV does (at least the stick)

The goal should be to work on Roku and Apple apps? I sure hope not. I frankly don’t care if Tablo ever works with Apple products, and I don’t own a Roku.

@ddd671 I didn’t read the initial posting to suggest that having the Roku and Apple apps work properly should be the only goal. Did you? I think he was suggesting that with respect to those two platforms, this should be the goal - to get them fully functional before the holidays. I suppose most of us think this is a worthy goal whether we use those platforms or not. I know I hope that another goal would be for Tablo to work on whatever platform you favor. whether I use it or not

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I didn’t read the initial posting as recommending Roku and Apple as the only goal. Admittedly, I was (am) a little put off with the “I’m gonna buy something else unless you jump to my tune” theme. I support Tablo; I’ve bought in to the platform and I am very happy with my setup. Insofar as fully functioning apps across all platforms helps Tablo to survive, I support that as a good thing.

My thought is this: if the original poster can say I want more focus on my favorite apps or I leave, why can’t I say that I don’t care about development on those apps? Especially since I didn’t threaten to leave.

Thrilled with the new stuff. Give me better sorting, the ability to select the files in mass that I want to delete and the assurance that the reboots are a thing of the past. I feel like tablo will get there soon. Very happy at this point. Made a good decision a year ago.

Goodguytoo, you already have bulk delete. It’s existed for a while on the web app, and Roku, with the latest build 15 update has it as well.

I think he means being able to tag selected shows and delete. The way bulk delete currently work is delete watched or delete all.

Yeah, going back and rereading, I guess it could be taken either way. At any rate, having played with the new Tablo Firmware (2.2.6) and Roku channel (Build 15) updates, I have to say that that the Nuvyyo folks have done a great job with the new releases. The changes not only look good, but so far, they work really well and have resolved a couple of issues I had with the earlier releases.


Definitely not the only goal. Just IMHO the better problems to solve before the holiday sales rush.

I believe my post is being misread. I never threatened to leave but I was silently a button press away from it. What I did share was the reality of what almost took place and what would have happened. Had the updates been lackluster and didn’t solve the problems they did I would have viewed it as a continued lack of progress and parted ways. I tend to be silent and vocalize with my wallet.

Frankly these updates are very good. There are still a few anomalies but at least now its actually operable. That box had almost become a curse word in this house; crashes, stuttering video, missing and/or corrupted episodes were all the norm. However, these latest updates show that Tablo has been burning the midnight oil to make it better and I’m glad.

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I have 2 tablos and have been quite happy with the product. But I don’t have any serious problems either. Therefore I’m always reluctant to sacrifice my tablos to the leading edge of a new firmware release. Most owners of consumer products like to leap on the new software when in fact they really don’t need it.

But this is the start of the holiday season so all consumer products are interested in putting as much lipstick on as many pigs as possible and tossing them out the door before Christmas. So I would expect all fixes and enhancements to be oriented in that direction.

Tablo on 2.2.6 works great with playback on the Fire TV and computer (due to new HTML5 player) and iPhone 6 and iPad Air. No buffering and FF preview thumbnails are created even quicker now.