Basic connection

I can’t seem to connect to my 4 tuner, out of home.

Tablo with solid Ethernet at home, works well
iPad with good cellular (45 down / 7 up), at hotel, no connection
Pixel 3a with Android 10 (35 down / 8 up), at hotel, no connection

I see two different apps in iOS store, which is correct? Need both?

Also see ‘ota2go Downloader’ in Android store, should I get it


Read this blog. Your setup likely isn’t complete.

ota2go downloader is a 3rd party tool to take a recording and convert it to a file that can be played back without using a Tablo.

Yes, I had previously had out of home working after setting correct ports.

Away from home now and it is not letting me connect.

Do you have anyone at your home that can check to see if the Tablo is still turned on and not in a locked state?

Do you have your Tablo set to a fixed IP address? If not, it is possible that the Tablo changed IPs (possibly due to a power outage), and you would have to set up Tablo connect again.

No one at home for now.

Are you meaning dynamic vs static IP?

When you say setting up again
do you mean re-opening my ports?


I have my Tablos set up with DHCP reservations so that each one always has the same IP address. If you don’t do that, the Tablo might change IP addresses after a reboot or power outage. If the IP address of the Tablo changes, then you have to redo your port mappings.

But it could be as simple as your Tablo is locked up. I had that happen to me one time I was on vacation, though it was just that one time.