Bandwidth issues

Can you tell me if the current model of network Tablo Has better With bandwidth for 1080P? I have an original 4-tuner & 2-tuner that only seem to work best on HD 720 @5mbps. Wondering if the more recent network models can handle the HD 1080 @ 8 mbps better.

The Tablos weren’t the problem, it was the old wireless router.

I also have the original 4 and 2 tuner models.
Both are set to HD1080p with no issues.

The only bandwidth issues we had was fixed by getting a more powerful wireless router.

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Thank you for your response. That’s what I’m afraid of. For over a year I’ve been using T-Mobile home internet with no issues. As of3 weeks ago the original TMHI device died. And now using the replacement and there seems to be some new issue every other day. Oh well , Que sera sera .

If all of you devices are currently using WiFi and your router has ethernet ports spend $40 and get a powerline adapter. Send your tablos through a switch into a powerline adapter and use the routers wifi to the clients. this cuts the required wifi bandwidth in half.

Even before amazon primeday tplink gigabit powerlines are going for $38.

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Firstly thank you for your reply, Secondly I don’t have a router it’s just the T-Mobile HI tower. Do you think it might work better if I hooked I a router up to the T-Mobile HI tower?

Before I forget…
My wife just ran into a similar issue where our home network was not the problem at all, but the Tablo buffering recording playback, and even Live TV.
The Tablo would occassionally recommend lowering the video quality to prevent buffering, and it turned out to be a red herring.
Check to make sure your Tablo’s hard drive isn’t full, or you’ll get all sorts of weird issues, because the Tablo not only needs disk space for scheduled recordings, but it also needs disk space for Live TV (it records while you watch Live TV, too).
It also needs disk space for operating system operations.
Her Tablo’s hard drive was full, and no more buffering after she deleted some recordings.

Wait, is your Tablo connecting to your T-Mobile HI tower via an ethernet cable?
If it is, then this is a different problem.

However, if the Tablo is connecting to your T-Mobile HI tower without any cables, then it’s connecting via wireless networking, in which case, a better wireless router would probably be better, overall.

By the way, if you don’t have a separate router, wireless or not, from the T-Mobile HI tower, then the T-Mobile HI tower has a built in router.

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I am using an Eero as a router with T-Mobile home internet and don’t seem to have bandwidth problems. I have a number of additional Eeros that are hardwired and wireless that extends the network and multiple switches are involved. I don’t have a problem even with 4k streaming services, have been running 4 units at 4 different locations for over a year. The T-Mobile service itself has gone down a lot but has been more stable lately.

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This is a bandwidth issue of sorts. Does the network connected Tablo use ISP data when watching a recorded program? FWIW, I have hard-wired connections to all TV’s.

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