Bandwidth and Commercial Skip

In the evenings, my internet gets real slow and I was wondering if it could be caused by the TABLO doing it’s Commerical skip uploading and downloading during that time. Is there a way to test? Other than unplugging from my network during the evening time when we want to stream?

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Yep! If you avoid making recordings for one evening, or turn off Commercial Skip Detection temporarily, that’s the easiest way to test.

How fast is your ISP upload speed?

It is 0.71 now. I will turn off tonight and see how if that helps.

:grimacing: The minimum upload speed for using this feature is 1 Mbps, the recommended speed is 3 Mbps. I would bet that the feature is saturating your uplink.

Too bad the customer survey didn’t include the question about “scheduling com skip” to off-load bandwidth for users with issues like this.

It didn’t come up on the survey… cause it wasn’t asked, many users likely didn’t realize it was an option.

Maybe @TabloTV can give us a Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) present even though it wasn’t on the list.

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The engineering team is pretty booked up with other priorities at the moment, but its definitely something that they’re aware of as a feature request.