Baltimore Maryland Reception Issue


Have you checked the Baltimore\Washington OTA reception thread at AVS Forums?


Has there been any resolution to this matter? I have an Antop antenna mounted on my roof and live 21 miles from the tower. I have a Fire Recast and I’m experiencing the same issues. My plasma TV, however, has no problems when I connect directly. Thinking it was an Amazon issue, I purchased a Tablo Lite and the problem remains.


I’m no longer getting channel 13 WJZ either. Says weak signal on scan but strong signal after returning to the channel list. Was fine for years until this week. Might play with the antenna tomorrow.


I have a hunch that adjusting your antenna is not going to do the trick, but please keep us posted.


It was my amplifier. Had to cycle power on it and all is well.


Thanks for the reply. That’s definitely not my issue unfortunately.