Background App Refresh

Slow sync is terrible. Tablo should either in app tell users "you should try to keep only your top 20 channels in the lineup. Or think about implementing background app refresh so that the app can come up and be responsive immediately.

What device are you experiencing this issue on?

As well, how many days between connects to the Tablo?

IPhone 6 using iOS 10. Tablo app and device are up to date.

I’d say I connect once every couple days, but sometimes it will be a week or 2. It will often be a month for my wife and my iPad which do not use the Tablo app as often.

When you consider the 2 device paradigm the solution to “log in more often” seems dismissive. I really think having the app stay up to date in the background would make it feel like a more valuable product. Also there would be a lot less spousal backlash :slight_smile:

I thought I’d be the hero with Tablo, but every time my wife uses the app she threatens to buy Comcast service again :sweat:

It should feel like pulling up Netflix or any other VOD platform, and it doesn’t yet. Ask my wife.

Get her the ATV4, fixed the wife issue for me.

Syncing is also faster on the iPad, since it uses a diff app than on the iphone

Great tip. I’ll test it out asap. Thanks!