Back button freezes screen

Back button freezes screen (restart)

Since the last update, my dual tuner tablo, navigating screens works as it should.

If I play live TV and click the back button on the Roku, I get a black screen. Clicking back again shows a distorted screen like it’s trying to load but can’t render correctly.

Picking a recorded show does the same thing.

I have to go to the Roku home page and relaunch Tablo to watch a different show.

Changing channels by clicking up on the remote works fine.

Removed the harddrive and it still happens.

Anyone else having this issue?

Roku 4400x 10.5.0 build 4167-17
Tablo Dual 2.2.38

Not sure if it’s causing your exact problem, but Roku software version 10.5 was causing issues for some.

“oh no, my tv sucks again!” lol

Can’t downgrade Roku…

I’m experiencing the same exact issue. So we wait for Roku to fix the issue, or can Tablo address the problem? Makes the Tablo very frustrating to use.