Awesome new T-shirt

I received this awesome T-shirt with a nice little note in the mail today. thanks @TabloTVphoto b412ec72-46b6-438b-b813-67bd7fb2f7f9_zps36bf1c71.jpg

I received mine today as well with a personalized card.  It’s really nice to support a company that treats their customers well. 

Thanks, @TabloTv!

Me too.  Plan to wear on Friday!

Is everyone getting a T-shirt? I didn’t get one /:slight_smile:

I believe the plan is that Nuvyyo will make the shirts available to all in some manner soon.

Until then, maybe they’ll see your post and throw you one… (maybe)…

@mb190e what app are you using on the TV?

Ooh, nice shirt!

AppleTV with Plex. And I have to say it’s awesome! Much better experience than airplay. @adammiarka

Woo hoo! Glad folks are getting their shirts!

We aren’t planning to sell the t-shirts in the short term at least but we did send a few out to some fans who’ve been really helpful in spreading the Tablo message or helping other uses on social media. 

There will be other opportunities to win t-shirts in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled! :slight_smile:

I think the shirts would sell quite well though.  You could even cafepress them if you don’t want all the hassle of handling t-shirt sales.

@cjcox - We may look into CafePress in the future but I know a few people who’ve used them and haven’t been 100% happy with the quality. 

Not my experience.  No offense, the the Tablo shirt isn’t of great quality… and I’m pretty sure the shirts I’ve gotten from cafepress were better (though also on the cheap side).   Anyone else have cafepress experiences to share?

The other nice thing about cafepress (or others like them) is that they can put your logo (or whatever) onto many different things.  Obviously they make the lion share of the bucks, but still, you get some money and you can close your cafepress store down if you ever want to go it alone.

It’s just an idea.

I went to Greece and we have this really interesting tour guide and he made this fabulously funny face… and thus I created:   I don’t make any money off of those items btw in case somebody wants his face on their coffee mug.

I made a one-off shirt here:
Made for the Neal Morse Band
Again, I make no money on any of these…  sharing just because you might want to look like Mike Portnoy.

I got mine today as well, Thank You!

You guys should just include them in the box!!! … 

I got mine Saturday.  Thank you!

You guys should just include them in the box!!! .. 

We’d need to get a bigger box!!!

:slight_smile: Hehe

Hahaha. Good one @jbanks25

@jbanks25 you just went over the head of almost everyone less than 40 years old.  Where’s my 45rpm copy of Mr. Jaws at?

@cjcox - I can confirm that I’m less than 40 and know both Jaws and own 45s (and not one but two record players). I might be a weirdo though.  =))