Avoiding Advertising

On our Apple TV devices Tablo works perfectly in most respects and it is a godsend to elimination of advertising from full recordings. And that is the primary reason we have switched over to Tablo.

With our Apple TV devices however, when we go to skip advertising when the program has not yet completed the recording, the skip function, whether by manual or by Siri, does not work. We would like to hear from users of other set top devices if that inability to skip advertisements prior to completion of recording is common to other set top devices. What we really want to know is that a fault of Tablo or a fault of the Apple TV remotes.

We know that the apple TV remotes will skip advertising on incomplete Dish recordings. So let us know your experience please.

We have the same problem and when we try to go back 30 seconds with the apple remote the show starts over from the beginning.

@bhemp Hi there, there’s currently a known issue for this problem. We have solved this in our next beta, which we intend to release publicly soon. If you’d like to get early access to this upgrade, send a note to our support team.

This works? Is it only on Apple TV device? I’d love for this to become available on my devices as well.