Automatic Quality for Tablo Connect

The Tablo has been out now for over 6 months, but I haven’t heard anything new on the automatic quality setting for Tablo Connect.  It is still listed as “coming soon” after all these months.   Is there a plan to implement it anytime soon?

I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago and stayed in a vacation rental home with good internet access.  I was able to use the Tablo Connect full quality setting (using 720-normal as my recording quality setting) there, and it worked quite well.  I had some intermittent pauses at times on my laptop Chrome browser, but that was all. (My home network is 45 Mpbs download / 5 Mbps upload)

That is quite different from my experience using hotel wi-fi on other trips.  If I wasn’t on 500kbps (which looks blocky and ugly), I couldn’t stream without lots of pauses.  I haven’t played around with it enough on 3G/4G to see which setting is best.

Tablo Connect is a great built in feature (if you have a subscription) that usually costs extra (like buying a slingbox) or doesn’t support all mobile platforms (like the Tivo Stream) for other DVRs.   It does have some limitations like pairing, being highly dependent on bandwidth in home and remote, and using a tuner (if not using full quality).  

Hey @snowcat - We haven’t forgotten about this but are working on a couple other priorities beforehand: namely the ability to use disks larger than 2TB and (hopefully) speeding up the launch of live TV. 

Once we have those pieces cleared off the to-do list, we’ll start looking at this more closely.

Cool.  This is just the one feature that actually says “coming soon” in the interface, so I thought I would check up on it. 

No problem - happy to give you an update on that.