Automatic expiration priority


I’m wondering what the order that things get automatically deleted is.

My suspicion was that it deleted in this order:

  1. oldest watched content that isn’t protected
  2. oldest unwatched content that isn’t protected
  3. protected content ( or display error )

So that would mean all watched content would expire before ANY unwatched content.

Is that correct? I haven’t actually had anything expire yet since I’ve been fearful what would get expired first.

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I don’t know the order, but if you are worried about stuff getting deleted you can uncheck the automatic delete box.

Well, I really hope that Protected recordings are never deleted. That is what I have been assuming, anyway. (Otherwise Protected has a different meaning to me.)

Here’s the details…

Protected recordings are ​never deleted​ automatically. (User has to either delete them manually or unprotect them so they can be deleted by auto-delete.)

Auto-delete removes oldest recordings first regardless whether they’re watched or not.

There are no errors for auto-delete, but you will see an error if your disk is full of protected recordings and needs space for new ones.

OK thanks!